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Check your benefits-

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Here’s an easy way to find benefits that you or your loved one may not know you are qualified for: The National Council on Aging provides a website that can help you determine eligibility for a variety of state and federal programs for seniors. Check it out at:

There you’ll find a free and confidential screening tool. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Check it out, it just may save you some money.

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AVOID this widespread senior scam!

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There’s a major scam going on right now, targeting the senior population. Here’s how it works (excerpt from Take Charge California;

A scammer claims to be a grandchild in trouble and gets you to send money.

Here is how this scam works
A scammer contacts an elderly person and claims to be a grandchild who needs cash because of a recent automobile accident, hospitalization, arrest, or other unfortunate event. The scammer often states that they are allowed only that one phone call. The elderly person is asked to wire, overnight mail or courier money immediately and to keep the call a secret from other family members to reduce embarrassment. The scammer pockets the money and disappears.


Verify the caller’s identity by asking personal questions that a stranger could not answer. (i.e. “What was Grandma’s nick-name for you? What was your pets name?”)

Resist the pressure to act immediately.

Call someone you know and trust to help verify the story.

If you can’t verify the story, call your local police on the non-emergency line to help you sort things out.

Avoid sending money by immediate overnight service. The scammer will have your money before realize that you have been cheated.

Avoid giving your credit card or bank information to anyone you don’t know personally.

**This is widespread, occurring all over the nation – targeting our seniors. If you suspect a scam, please call 1-877-FTC.HELP. Another great resource for information on staying a safe consumer, is the Department of Consumer Affairs. You can reach them at 1.800.952.5210 or at

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What is Geriatric Care Management; an overview-

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Crescent Geriatric Care Management, Inc.

858.349.4403 phone – 760.798.3078 fax



  • A Geriatric Care Manager is a specialist who assists older adults to-
    • Identify solutions to needs
    • Provide connection to appropriate resources
    • Coordinate and manage all aspects of care



  • A Geriatric Care Manager is trained in a field related to long-term care including, but not limited to-
    • Nursing
    • Social Work
    • Gerontology
    • Psychology
  • They typically have a specialization in the field of Geriatrics



  • Elder care planning-
    • Comprehensive Initial Assessment
      • History & physical, environment, medications, social, abilities, wishes
    • Provide written plan of care
    • Guidance with implementing plan of care – step by step through resolution


  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify areas of need
  • Develop an individualized plan of care
  • Oversee all aspects of the care plan to ensure timely and thorough execution
  • Provide ongoing coordination of all services
  • Coordinate health care appointments
  • Manage medications
  • Provide crisis intervention and act as liaison to families at a distance
  • Review financial, legal or medical concerns to offer referrals to specialists or avert problems and conserve assets
  • Assistance with long-term care insurance claims
  • Assistance with moving older adult to/from retirement communities, care home or nursing home
  • Screen, arrange and oversee in-home personal attendants



  • Immediate assistance with crisis intervention
  • Counseling and support to individual and family
  • Personalized care designed to meet the individualized needs of the individual and family
  • Cost – management: Care managers strive to reduce inappropriate use and overuse of services
  • Highly trained, offer peace of mind so you can be at ease



  • When an adult is faced with decreased capacity to function due to complications of aging, illness, disability, altered cognitive status and/or a loss of social support systems
    • Geriatric Care Managers provide assistance when time and stress in providing care for a family member may conflict with the caregiver’s work, family or other obligations. Care Management can be an essential link in the chain to assist long distance caregivers
    • Short-term/long-term support for clients and caregivers may be needed to assist in decision-making and problem-solving life issues such as:
      • Changes in physical or mental status
      • Chronic illness
      • Grief and loss
      • Retirement
      • Widowhood
      • Relocation
      • Family conflict
      • Care for a family member



  • Medical history
  • Functional abilities
  • Create baseline (roadmap)
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Support network
  • Community resources
  • Seeing person in natural environment versus an office setting



  • What are your professional credentials
  • Can you provide me with references
  • What is your availability in emergencies
  • How and how often will you communicate information
  • What resources do you have at your disposal should a crisis arise
  • How comprehensive is the assessment you provide / do you provide a written report
  • Do you accompany clients to medical appointments
  • How do you provide, screen and coordinate home care for your clients
  • What is your knowledge of professional resources



  • Most Geriatric Care Managers provide private care management on a fee for service basis, but you will want to ask ahead of time about billing fees
  • There is usually an hourly rate for care management services
  • Fees are stated in written form and approved by the person accepting responsibility for payment prior to initiation of services



  • They can help you plan effectively for the future and assist in avoiding a crisis
  • They can arrange for services to be delivered in an older adult’s home rather than requiring a costly move to a retirement or nursing facility
  • Because Care Managers are aware of both the needs of the older adults and the available resources, they can be efficient in matching service needs with appropriate agencies




Crescent Geriatric Care Management’s pledge to you (as based on National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Manager’s promise):


  • We will provide ongoing service to you only after we have assessed your needs and you, or a person designated to act for you, understand and agree to a plan of service, the results that may be expected from it, and the cost of service.


  • We will base the plan of service on goals you, or a person designated to act for you, have defined, and which enhance the decisions you have made concerning your life.


  • Our first duty of loyalty is to you. We will always provide services based on your best interest, even if this conflicts with our interests of the interests of others.


  • We will end service to you only after reasonable notice. We will recommend a plan for you to continue to receive the services as needed.


  • We will not substitute our judgment for yours unless we are acting in the role of your guardian, appointed by a Court of Law, or with your approval, or the approval of someone designated to act for you.


  • We will hold in trust any confidence you give us, disclosing information to others only per you’re your permission, or if we are compelled to do so by a belief that you will be seriously harmed by our silence, or if the laws of California require us to do so.


  • We will refer you only to services and organizations we believe to be appropriate and of good quality. We will fully explain to you any business relationship we have with any service we propose, and give you information on alternatives, if at all possible, so that you, or a person designated to act for you, can make an informed decision to accept or reject the services we recommend to you.


  • We will strive to ensure cooperation between all of the individuals involved in providing service and care to you.


  • We are fully qualified in the profession to provide the services we undertake. We continue to improve our skills and knowledge by participating in professional development programs.


  • We will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.








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