They ask me all the time

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Here’s the sitch….I often (well, regularly at the very least) ask people 1. What they do and, 2. Why they do it. One learns a lot from those relatively ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ questions. Do they hmm over it? Do they stammer? Do they look me right in the eye with confidence and gusto as they explain their passion about what they do and why they do it? It’s really fascinating! And, maybe, they hadn’t actually given it any real thought lately…..sometimes we get caught up in the ‘doing’ that we don’t really question the ‘why’. My point is this…..we all want to be authentic and spend our time doing and supporting efforts we are deeply passionate about. Maybe if we don’t feel that passion, we should keep looking until we find the right ’cause’. Know what I mean?

Therefore, I am READY when given the opportunity to answer the question. What do I do? I provide older adults and their families with care planning, placement consultation and in-home care as needed (as a nice summary)….and why in the world do I do that? I am passionate about it. I have such a sense of accomplishment, as well as pride, when I know I’ve helped a client manage their situation as it relates to planning for long-term care. There’s nothin’ better than being able to pair a client with a service they are so desperately seeking, but didn’t know how to access until I was able to connect it for them. I can say with a smile that I was allowed the opportunity to work with the family, to assist them when they needed it most, and helped them along the way. Care decisions are rifled with emotion, sometimes exhaustion, and it is a really difficult time for those loved ones involved. I love being able to relieve some of the burden. What’s better than being able to provide some peace-of-mind?

Just something to think about. What do you do? And, why do you do it?

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