E.L.E.R.T. = Elder Law Educational Resource Team

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Elder Law Educational Resource Team “ELERT”

Mission Statement:

The San Diego Elder Law Educational Resource Team is an educational team that

provides professional advice to the community in the areas of: (1) geriatric care management and

strategies for the individual whether living in their own home or living outside of their home, (2)

investment strategies aligned with risk management focus and (3) estate planning with an elder

law emphasis on asset preservation and legacy planning. The purpose of our team is to provide

the public with an educational forum regarding how to care for their aging loved ones in an

evolving global society. We outreach to the public for free as we feel the information provided is



In addition to this information being invaluable, we also provide this resource as we have

found in our professional lives that most people when they find themselves in these

circumstances have no immediate resources available to them nor are they prepared for the

challenges and demands that lay ahead. We have joined together as a team for the sole purpose

of educating the public and streamlining fragmented areas into one cohesive environment.


We are happy to offer our educational series to any audience in any of the following areas

you request:

1. Geriatric Care Management and Strategies for the

Individual in Their Own Home or Living Outside of

Their Home:

· The importance of having an in-home assessment to avoid

potential risks such as slip and fall, social workers.

· How you can protect valuables from “disappearing” or being


· Why your loved one should never give their estate to their social


2. Investment Strategies Aligned with Risk Management


a. How to properly plan for retirement and the needs associated with

getting older.

b. Knowing your investments and truly understanding how they perform

and risk tolerances associated with them.

c. Thinking in and out of the box (e.g., what we can do when CD rates are

yielding so low, how to cope with today’s recession and how to thrive in

tomorrow’s future).

d. Understanding the changes in today’s economy and how that effects our


e. Protecting your assets in both thriving and in volatile markets.

f. The value of asset allocation.

g. Understanding the changes in our new, global market.

3. Estate Planning with an Elder Law Emphasis on Asset

Preservation and Legacy Planning

a. What is estate planning? What is the difference between a will and a

trust? What is the difference between a durable power of attorney and a

health care power of attorney? Who needs a DNR?

b. What is an irrevocable trust? Who needs an irrevocable trust?

c. Why you should never add your children onto title of your bank

accounts or real property.

d. Why is California’s probate system the worst probate system in the

United States?

e. Who qualifies for veterans benefits? How does veterans planning

preserve my assets?

f. Why business owners needs their business interests titled in the name of

their trust.

g. The reasons why and how to title your assets into your trust.

h. How does probate work? How does one administer a trust?

I. What is a conservatorship and how to avoid it.

Presentation By:

Christine Dellacato, Financial Advisor

Holly Pobst, Gerontologist

Heidi Klippel, Estate Planning Attorney

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Holly Pobst at 858.349.4403, Heidi Klippel at 800.609.4183 or Christine Dellacato at 619.697.8792


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