What gets ya’ goin’?

Posted on April 28, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Somedays even I need motivation. I love my job, and anyone that knows me would declare that I am absolutely energetic and enthusiastic about everything. But there are times I need some motivation. Brings me to thinkin’…..what motivates others? I’d like to know. When I am having a tough time dealing with a particular issue, I seek others’ advice. Sometimes that gets me goin’. Often I just need to reflect on the positive and that pretty well does the trick. But here’s my secret weapon: I consider “WWGD”. You know, WWGD = “What would Grandma Do?”

Yup, you heard me right. My grandmother was an AMAZING woman. I learned a ton from her, and miss her every day. She was strong and smart and passionate. She was decisive and inquisitive and funny. I’ve always hoped to be like her. And, it really does put things in perspective, for me, to contemplate any issue with the thought of how she might respond if I asked her input on a particular topic or issue or grievance, or whatever it is I am seeking motivation on. So, daily I go through life, pretty well capable of managing & keepin’ goin’, but there are times I must consider, “what would grandma do”? And it gets me through every time. Would she be proud of my decisions? Would she tolerate my whining or procrastinating? Would she encourage a temporary break? So, I ponder and move through it. Thanks Grandma!

What gets you going? What motivates you? Why does it work?

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