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LONGEVITY – Are there similarities between those who have aged successfully, that is, relatively disease free through the age of 70, 80, 90+? 

So, I work with Senior Citizens, primarily.  I work with lots of ‘em and you know what?  Many have exceptional longevity in their family history and look and feel great!  ‘What’s the secret’ I ask them.  Most have bacon, eggs and coffee every single morning, lots of starchy foods in their diets (think potatoes and biscuits), some smoked tobacco, almost all drink liquor or wine.  So, what’s the common bond?  What’s the secret?  Most studies point to genetics as a determining factor for longevity, followed by lifestyle choices.   

…Oh, and several of the women added that they ate chocolate or other ‘sweets’ daily, too.  That’s GREAT news.  I’m going to try that.

One definition in Wikipedia says that longevity is often a synonym for ‘life expectancy”.  Merriam-Webster considers longevity “a long duration of individual life.”  If you Google or Bing the word “longevity” you’ll mostly find “FIGHT AGING” and ‘anti-aging’ this and “INCREASE YOUR LIFE EXPECTANCY” and “live to 100+”.  Interesting.  It’s sort of a double-edged sword, isn’t it?  We want to live these long lives to see our children grow and progress made….but we only want to do it if we look fabulous (and 10 years younger, at least) without injury or other bothersome chronic conditions.  I’m often hearing people complain about the trials and tribulations of ‘getting older’.

What impresses me the most is the spirit of these individuals.  I’m thinking this longevity thing must have a lot to do with attitude.  With gratitude.  With really getting out there and LIVING.  Consistent answers from those senior citizens I mentioned earlier would lead me to believe that they all work hard, play hard and love deeply.  They also mention, (a little tongue-in-cheek) that there some added benefits to having an impressive, big number for their age… they feel it is their ‘right and responsibility’ to speak their minds.  And they do.  Maybe that’s good for the soul as well – speak your mind.

So, while I found no real common bond other than ‘live your own life and live it to its fullest’, I think it best to take care of the bodies we are in and do some hoping for the best.



holly pobst is a chocolate loving entrepreneur who freely recognizes that this blog is in no way intended to offer neither suggestion nor solution to the age-old question of longevity.

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